The history of aviator jackets dates back to the Second World War, and since then these jackets hold a special place in every winter wardrobe. The aviator Shearling jackets with fur on the collars and cuffs provide the much-needed warmth and classic aesthetics. To get the best impact out of this outfit, it is vital […]

By adminon March 22, 2020

Leather Biker Jackets are not just associated with men but are a fashion statement for women as well. Leather jackets won’t go out of fashion and for women with a craze for a bold look, biker jackets are the best addition to your wardrobe. Here are the top 10 Leather biker Jackets for women at […]

By adminon March 19, 2020

A high-quality leather jacket is the ultimate addition to a wardrobe and if you handle the buying process carefully, then you would have made one of the best ever fashion investments. Buying a great outfit requires a bit of responsibility on your end; here are 7 must-know rules to help you buy the right leather […]

By adminon March 9, 2020

You may have noticed that most of the fashion bloggers mention about trench coats at least once during their blogging journey. It is not because trench coats are the recent trending attire but it just doesn’t go out of fashion at all. They have been around for years and are lucky enough to still hold […]

By adminon March 4, 2020

The Aviator jackets, also known as Flying Jackets, gained popularity during World War II and was used mostly by the aircrew for the much-required warmth at altitudes higher than 20,000 feet. The sheep wool in aviator jackets retains the body warmth and helps withstand harsh winter conditions. Leather injects a dose of style to the […]

By adminon February 27, 2020

Leather Jackets are desired by most men and women alike owing to its long lasting and reliable attributes. Once you know its benefits, you too wouldn’t choose any other fabric for jackets. They are your best friend during bad weather and are comfortable to wear for any occasion. They are easy to maintain given you […]

By adminon February 25, 2020

Leather jackets were introduced in the early 20th century for functional purposes and were later used as protective wears during World War II. It was only in the late 1950s that jackets got promoted as fashion wears by famous Hollywood stars. Whether it be a short bomber jacket or a stunning embellished coat, leather jackets […]

By adminon February 15, 2020

Black and brown are a dominant colour choice when it comes to buying a leather jacket. But to break all fashion trends, Red shades have started making sensations these days. While Women can manage wearing red jackets in combination with black skirts or jeans, Men may find this colour pretty daunting. It is time that […]

By adminon February 13, 2020

If you are planning to buy a good quality leather jacket, then it is obvious you are wondering which color to choose. Buying the right kind of leather jacket, that suits your appearance and complexion, is no small task. You might feel drawn towards a particular color jacket but may wonder the next second if […]

By adminon February 6, 2020

You need not be a fashionista to own a unique wardrobe collection; every woman should own at least 6 leather jackets and coats suited for every occasion. Most woman prefer fur coats and blazers to leather jackets and this is one of the main reasons why leather jackets are underrated these days. There are only […]

By adminon February 6, 2020