Leather jackets were introduced in the early 20th century for functional purposes and were later used as protective wears during World War II. It was only in the late 1950s that jackets got promoted as fashion wears by famous Hollywood stars. Whether it be a short bomber jacket or a stunning embellished coat, leather jackets […]

By adminon February 15, 2020

Black and brown are a dominant colour choice when it comes to buying a leather jacket. But to break all fashion trends, Red shades have started making sensations these days. While Women can manage wearing red jackets in combination with black skirts or jeans, Men may find this colour pretty daunting. It is time that […]

By adminon February 13, 2020

If you are planning to buy a good quality leather jacket, then it is obvious you are wondering which color to choose. Buying the right kind of leather jacket, that suits your appearance and complexion, is no small task. You might feel drawn towards a particular color jacket but may wonder the next second if […]

By adminon February 6, 2020

You need not be a fashionista to own a unique wardrobe collection; every woman should own at least 6 leather jackets and coats suited for every occasion. Most woman prefer fur coats and blazers to leather jackets and this is one of the main reasons why leather jackets are underrated these days. There are only […]

By adminon February 6, 2020

There is no doubt in the fact that leather is the most desired fabric owing to its numerous advantages. This soft material not just fits neatly to the body, but also offers great comfort and protection. Besides being a timeless fashion apparel, it also helps protect the wearer from strong accidental impact. For all fashion […]

By adminon January 12, 2020

A1 Fashion Goods A1 Fashion goods leather jackets with flexible fittings to your comfortable body with the promise of best value with the attitude of never compromise in quality and pricing. House Of Leather House of leather believed that with leather jacket you’ve got unaltered investment look. top quality leather jackets square measure designed particularly […]

By adminon October 31, 2019

Leather Biker Jacket is a synonym for daredevilry. These jackets are a symbol of endless bravery and masculinity. In the ever-changing world of fashion, Leather Biker Jacket has created an unshakable spot making a classic outfit. These leather jackets gained popularity about 60 years ago due to famous bikers. The jacket has a unique ability […]

By adminon October 3, 2019

The leather jackets are a unique classic assortment highlighting the masculinity, but not every jacket is suitable for every person. Your clothes reflect your personality and have a unique ability to make you stand out of the crowd. Every person has its style, which helps him or her to create their mark. Therefore, it is […]

By adminon October 1, 2019

Fashion trends are constantly changing, but a leather jacket is always in vogue. Leather Jackets are a classic and timeless outfit which aims to add a lot more character to your personality. Usually, leather jackets demand a one-time investment only. A top-quality leather jacket can be worn for years. However, it is tough to choose […]

By adminon September 28, 2019

Leather jackets are ever-lasting trends. With a vast range of styles, leather jackets help to add masculinity and power to your thrilling personality. The style of leather jacket you pick reflects your personality. Below mentioned is a uniquely curated list of five different types of leather jacket styles available in the market to help you […]

By adminon September 10, 2019